Pilot (hopefully I don’t crash this thing)

HOHOHOHO! This is a late Christmas present from December produced on January 20th and given to you in late February. And it’s your favorite: A NEWS RECAP FROM DECEMBER! We cover the little strike that could’ve happened before Christmas (BREAKING NEWS: it didn’t happen), Kyrsten Sinema calls it off with the Democratic Party yet still manages to make an ass of herself independently of course, and something good did happen in congress in December! We then take deep dive into FTX and it’s relationship with congress, before it, well… Took a deep dive into the abyss. – xoxo, Matthew Thompson

*This episode was originally published on 02/07/2023.

Creators and Guests

Matthew Thompson
Founder and host of State of Delusion, News Team member at WSUM
Pilot (hopefully I don’t crash this thing)
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